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Merino Wool Cocoon | Terracotta

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Before a baby enters the world, they are enclosed in a womb for a long time. To facilitate their journey, the HVID cocoon mimics a womb's warm and surrounding layer and gives them a feeling of security. This softer form of swaddling keeps your baby calm for months after birth, while still allowing them to move freely.

Practice has shown that babies will relate the comforting feeling of the cocoon to their time inside the womb. Moreover, it has been proven that Merino wool calms down a human's body. Consequently, babies will fall asleep faster and deeper. Next to that, the Merino wool will regulate your babies temperature, so they will be heated when it's cold and cooled down when it's warm. 

Perfect for using for feeding, supervised naps and using inside your buggy to help them fall asleep inside their 'wooden womb'. 


Other notes:

  • Merino wool is naturally antibacterial meaning no itch material and beneficial for skin sensitivities such as eczema or sensitive skin
  • Merino wool is a self cleaning fibre and does not absorb smells easily so not necessary to wash frequently 
  • 0-8 months 
  • Machine wash only on a WOOL PROGRAM 20° low speed, at ones own risk as we cannot guarantee the individual program settings on all washing machines.
  • otherwise wash it very gently by hand with lukewarm water of max temp 20°
  • Use a wool detergent to wash
  • 100% extra fine Italian Merino wool
  • Made in Belgium


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This is not a sleeping bag. Must always be used under supervision.


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